Consulate General in Atlanta

Contact Information and hours of operation

Updated date: 23/02/2024

Open to the public: Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Address: 53 Perimeter Center East, Suite #500 (5th floor), Atlanta, GA 30346

Telephone: 1-404-880-0805

  • Ext. 103: Nationality Option; Residence Certificates, Travel Permits, Powers of Attorney, Death Records
  • Ext.104: Criminal Record 
  • Ext.105: Administrative matters and Argentine detainees
  • Ext.106: Survival certificates, visas, and legalizations
  • Ext.107: Reception, Passports, and IDs

Main e-mail:

In cases of extreme urgency affecting Argentine nationals (such as accidents, deaths, arrests) outside of public office hours, you can call 1-404-312-5246. If your case is not severe or urgent, please send your message to (see Consular Emergencies).

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