Consulate General in Atlanta

Consular emergencies

Updated date: 23/02/2024

The Consulate General maintains a telephone on call 24 hours a day for assistance outside of office opening hours. You can contact us by calling or WhatsApp at +1 404 312-5246. If your case is not serious or urgent, please send us your message to

Consular emergencies are:

  • Disasters and/or armed conflicts abroad that affect Argentine citizens
  • Arrests and/or serious police incidents affecting Argentine citizens abroad
  • Inadmissions and deportations affecting Argentine citizens
  • Cases of human trafficking abroad whose victims are Argentine
  • Cases of violence abroad that affect Argentine citizens
  • Serious accidents or hospitalizations abroad affecting Argentine citizens
  • Deaths of Argentine citizens abroad

If your situation is not a true emergency, do not dial these numbers because you will be robbing others of the opportunity to communicate and receive prompt and appropriate consular assistance.

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