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Gun Permit Requirements for Hunting in Argentina

Updated date: 21/04/2022

The procedure to obtain a Gun Permit STARTING NOV 1ST 2016 will be the following:

The person wishing to enter guns and ammunition for hunting purposes into Argentina must complete the attached form. The document MUST be notarized. Notary stamp and signature MUST be original, make sure the Notary signs, stamps and dates the document. SUBMIT YOUR NOTARIZED DOCUMENT TO THE CORRESPONDING SECRETARY OF STATE TO OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY (CHECK THE PROCEDURE AT YOUR LOCAL SECRETARY OF STATE’S WEBSITE FOR INSTRUCTIONS)

The name on the passport must match the name on the form, so please write your complete name or form will be sent back to you.

Send the form with copy of the following information: a valid passport, hunting license, proof of gun ownership (customs form), copy of Driver’s License, 1 passport type picture, travel itinerary, a Money Order made to Consulate of Argentina in Atlanta for USD 60 (per form– you can include up to 3 fire arms) and a postage paid envelope with return address to send the form to you. The form with the Consular seal stamped by the Consulate must be presented to the authorities upon entering Argentina.

This Consulate only processes mail requests for residents of MS, AL, GA, TN, KY and SC. If you come in person, we can accept forms from any jurisdiction and the cost is USD 80.

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