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Traveling with pets to Argentina

To allow the entry of pets (Dogs and Cats) in the Argentine Republic, the owner must have a zoo sanitary certificate and a vaccination certificate against rabies, issued by the official authority of the country of origin or the authority empowered to do so, written or translated into Spanish, stating the following:


-Owner identification: surname and name, address. 


-Animal Identification: breed, sex, date of birth, fur, size and particular signs.



-The country of origin and destination.



-A vaccination certificate against rabies will be required for any dog and cat over 3 (three) months of age, issued at least 30 (thirty) days before date of entry of the animal, for animals vaccinated for the first time, and valid for no more than one year.



-The sanitary certificate must guarantee that the identified animal was examined within 10 (ten) days prior to embarkation, showing no clinical sign of diseases typical of the species. 



The certificate also needs the certification of the US Department of Agriculture. Please check the following link to contact your state’s USDA office:






Animals which fulfill the previous requirements are not required to undergo import quarantine. In case of suspicion of infecto-contagious zoonotic or high risk diseases for the Argentine Republic, Senasa staff will take the necessary actions to ensure their isolation and/or corresponding quarantine measures



For information regarding the import of exotic animals, please contact SENASA in Argentina, Ph. 011 54 11 4121-5000



Additonal information about procedure and fees can be found in:



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Traveling with pets to Argentina

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